Vitamin Injections

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B12 Energy Booster Shot


Fight fatigue
increase energy with a little extra Vitamin B12.

Glutathione Detox Booster Shot


Kick-start your immune system.
Reap the rewards of some extra antioxidants & their anti-aging benefits.

Vitamin IV Drip and Booster Shot

Vitamin D Booster Shot


Protect your teeth, bones and boost your immune system, all whilst giving your body extra energy.

Vitamin Drips and Booster Shots CoQ10

CoQ10 Recovery Booster Shot


Supports heart health, antioxidant, sustains energy levels, anti-aging, improves metabolic function, preserves muscle mass, prevents tissue damage and supports cognitive function

Group & Corporate

For group and corporate bookings a minimum of 10

people is required, you will automatically receive a 10%

discount for all people receiving the treatment. Appointments

are subject to availability, so plan ahead if you can!