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Vitamin IV Drip and Booster Shot

Why is B12 so important?

Why is B12 so important?

With the rise of veganism in London, there has been lots of talk of B12, mostly because the idea is that vegans don’t have enough, and meat eaters are sorted. If anything we are eating too much meat and so this is one vitamin that shouldn’t be an issue – you can always double check your blood levels, can’t you? Well, it turns out that things are far more complex than we had thought. Only 6-20% of serum B12 is active and a functional B12 deficiency might be very common indeed. Even normal B12 serum levels are not adequate to let you know if you might have a functional B12 deficiency.

Now frank B12 deficiency leads to a particular type of anaemia known as pernicious anaemia and again, many believe if you don’t have this then you don’t need to worry. We need B12 for DNA synthesis – yep, all cell repair and growth needs B12. Red blood cells turn over quickly, and any cells that turn over quickly are vulnerable to B12 deficiency. Also the villi in your gut – the cells that line your intestine – only live for 3 days. The intestinal villi can shrivel when you have run low and so you can’t absorb B12 when you need it because you have been B12 deficient. It’s a Catch 22 situation and so the solution is to bypass the gut completely and get an injection of this vital vitamin.

It’s not just villi shrinkage that can impact your ability to absorb the B12 from your diet or supplements (amongst other nutrients).

One risk factor for dementia strokes and heart attacks is a substance in the blood called homocysteine. We think of B12 and anaemia but one of the real benefits for us is the ability of B12 (along with B9 folate and B6) to reduce homocysteine which is a clotting factor in the blood. This has huge implications for our long-term cardiovascular risk.

The VITACOG study showed a reduction in dementia and brain shrinkage with B12 and in the elderly, the Hope 2 study showed a reduction in the risk of Stroke. This is an important nutrient to be replete in and stay replete in.

So to ensure that you’re not only getting enough B12, but more importantly that you’re absorbing enough B12, pop in to Get A Drip where a B12 shot costs just £30, to keep your levels replete.

Rhaya Jordan is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist, and is the resident nutritionist at Daylesford Organic. Find out more about Rhaya here http://www.londonnaturopathy.com/about/


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