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Vitamin IV Drip and Booster Shot

Louise spills the beans about life at Get A Drip

Hi Louise, can you tell us what your job is at Get A Drip and what a typical day involves?

Hello, my name is Louise. I am the Clinic Manager at Get A Drip which means I oversee the running of Shoreditch, Canary Wharf and pop-up clinics.

How did you become a Get A Drip Nurse? What was your background?

I have over 24 years’ experience within the NHS where I started as a Junior Nurse working my way up to Hospital Manager and Advanced Nurse Practitioner. As an Advanced Practitioner I had to be extremely competent administering IV Drips and prescribing.

As happy as I was in the NHS, I could not pass up the opportunity to work for a new, flourishing company so invested in health and wellness, which is a big passion of mine. I’ve been with Get A Drip since it started in October 2017 and am proud to be part of such a ground-breaking company.

One of the most common comments we get from customers is how friendly and knowledgeable the staff are. Do you love giving out the Drips as much as people love getting them?

I find when clients come into the clinic not in optimal health, I feel it is my personal objective to help them maximise their health and wellbeing by using my knowledge and experience. Nutrition is not about how many nutrients you take in, but how many you absorb.

What’s your favourite Drip on the menu, and why?

The Get A Drip menu offers an individualised approach, tailored around your specific needs. My favourite drip, which I have on a monthly basis, is the Ultimate Drip. Not only does it revitalise and hydrate me, but it replaces lost electrolytes, it helps growth and repair of cells, and boosts the immune system with the multi-vitamins. I like the L-Carnitine as it helps to convert fat into energy, increasing metabolism so is great for weight-loss. And Glutathione for for it’s anti-ageing properties, as well as helping hair, skin and nails.

What’s the best bit about your job?

The best part of the job is hearing about clients’ satisfaction. For instance I have several Parkinsons sufferers who have the Detox or Beauty Drip, and they really help the symptoms.

I also have a regular client who used to have problem skin and a different clinic recommended that she take Vitamin B12. One side effect of large doses of B12 is acne, so we gave her a Detox Drip and it has improved her skin and her confidence. I have so many stories like this!

Get A Drip is such a new concept that some people are nervous about trying it out. What would you say to someone who’s unsure of whether to have their first Drip or scared of needles?

The fact that we use needles can put some people off, due to ‘pattern recognition’, where the sight of needles has an association with ill health, pain or bad experiences. Once they have a drip with us (and we use numbing spray to help!), previous fears can be changed, so cannulas and needles are now associated with feeling great. Many people who previously had a phobia have now conquered their fear and keep coming back for more!

In all your years in Nursing, what’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you?

I was a Hospital Manager and I received a call that two pigeons had flown into the operating theater, which was about to be used for an operation, and the theatre had to be closed down. The exterminators were going to take 24 hours so I took it upon myself to rescue them as I love animals. All I could find to use was a blanket, so after two hours and lots of flapping around I finally managed to catch them before they got too tired, and safely returned them to nature.

What three words would your friends use to describe you?

Honest, selfless and looney.

Vitamin IV Drips and Booster Shots


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