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Basic Hydration


Our basic IV drip therapy hydration package to hydrate, revitalise & energise your body.



From £10 Each

Add a little extra to your Basic Hydration package depending on your requirements.

Energy Drip


Refresh your immune system & energy levels. Great for fighting fatigue, jet lag or cold / flu recovery.

Party Drip


Partied a little too hard? Combat all those hangover symptoms by restoring your body’s natural balance.

Detox Drip


Get rid of all those unwanted toxins by hydrating, replenishing & cleansing your body.

Sports Drip


Make the most of your rest day. Aid muscle recovery by rehydrating & replenishing energy levels.

The Full Works


Supercharge your body with a combination of all our packages & their benefits.

The Ultimate Drip


Achieve the pinnacle of nutrition; hydrate, revitalise, energise and cleanse your body’s cells, boost your immune system, enhance recovery and strengthen bones and teeth all in one package.